IMPOSTORS are posing as food bank volunteers to take items from donation points in North Ayrshire, a local food bank has warned.

Craig Crosthwaite, co-ordinator of the North Ayrshire Foodbank, has raised the alarm after he was informed of allegations that "a man and a woman are going to stores and implying they are from the Foodbank and taking the food from the drop bins".

Craig has warned stores with collection bins to be vigilant and reminded all that official volunteers will always follow correct procedures.

He said: "We will be visiting stores to remind them that our volunteers will always be wearing an ID card.

"The ID card gives a number which can be called if the store is suspicious and has the picture of the collector.

"During these difficult times the loss of food is impairing our capacity to assist those in genuine need and assessed as such.

"Our donors will expect that we will take this seriously and we do."

Craig says the alleged ''imposters' have now been reported to the relevant authorities.

He commented: "The unknown perpetrators have been reported to the police and we will work with local stores to try and bring this to a close.

"We would ask that if anybody knows who the imposters are, that they encourage them to stop.

"The Foodbank is grateful to the ongoing support of its donating public and asks or their patience as we seek to bring an end to these illegal removals of their generosity."

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