A man who broke into Belmont Academy and threw a tree branch through a window during a drunken rampage has been jailed. 

Shaun Anthony Neil Munro, wilfully or recklessly damage property, smashing a window and flower pots at a home in Peggieshill Road, Ayr, on January 22, last year.

The 28-year-old, whose address was listed in court papers as Minnoch Crescent, Maybole, admitted breaking into Belmont Academy on Nursery Road, with intent to steal. 

He also breached a bail condition, granted January 2, 2023 at Dumfries Sheriff Court, restricting him to remain in his house between the hours of 7pm and 7am. 

Munro destroyed more property during a further incident in Russell Drive, Ayr, by throwing a tree branch through a window causing it to smash.

Procurator Fiscal depute Chris Munro said: "At 12.10am the witness was in her home address and heard several loud bangs. 

"A witness observed plant pots and ornaments being smashed and contacted police." 

"He caused £3,000 worth of damage and as a result the homeowner installed CCTV at their own cost."

Describing the second charge, Mr Munro said: "He walked up to the fire exit with a brick and smashed it. He entered the door cutting himself. 

"The janitor was alerted by an alarm in his home address. Police attended and noted the damage caused by the accused and observed CCTV.

"The estimated costs [of smashed specialist security doors] were £25,000 to £30,000."

He added: "At 8.30am the witness was in their home address in Russell Drive and saw the accused.

"He then threw a tree branch causing it to smash. 

"The witness contacted police reviewed CCTV and identified the accused throwing the branch. There was no value provided."

Defence solicitor Terry Gallanagh said: "He is a 28-year-old single man and when liberated is unemployed. 

"He has coming matters at the High Court and no alternative to custody.

"He wishes to place on record he is truly sorry, clearly that night he was on a drunken rampage. He was suffering with his mental health and going through a dark period. 

"He didn't know the doors [at Belmont Academy] were specialist doors."

Sheriff MacTaggart jailed him for a total of two years for all four charges, with each prison sentence to run concurrently.