An annual pride march celebrating trans lives and diversity will take place in Kilmarnock next month.

Trans Pride Scotland has announced the venue and date for the annual Pride March to celebrate trans and non-binary people's lives, and to campaign for trans rights.

The community will gather and celebrate in Kilmarnock on Saturday, March 30, with a march from Howard Park back towards the town centre.

A ticket-only market place event will take place at Ayrshire College with stalls, workshops, talks and entertainment for a family friendly, alcohol free, afternoon.

Trans Pride Scotland Convenor LisaMarie said: “Our committee has been working hard to make this day happen and we are now looking to the wider trans, non-binary and LGBTQ+ community to help through volunteering on the day or turning out with flags and colourful placards in Kilmarnock.

“At a time when trans and non-binary people face increased discrimination in their daily lives, this is a great opportunity to come together to celebrate our diversity and to campaign to keep our hard won rights.”