POLICE have launched an investigation into an 'indecent exposure' incident close to a children's play area in Largs.

A woman described how she had encountered a man while she was out jogging near the seafront on the evening of Sunday, June 2.

In a social media post the woman said she had called police around an hour after the terrifying incident at around 9.15pm.

In her post, shared on the 'Largs People' page on Facebook, the woman said: "I am sharing this post for awareness and to warn women and girls to be vigilant when walking/running alone.

"I went out for a run around 9pm, and it was still daylight.

"As I was running up Aubrey Crescent at around 9.15pm, I saw a man in a black hoody sitting on the blue benches in the sheltered hut, facing me. As I approached, he got up and began walking round the right side of the hut. I knew it seemed strange, but stupidly I continued to follow the path along the water.

"As I got to the other side of the hut I saw the man standing facing me, holding his p***s.

"I knew it was intentional as he saw me approaching, walked round to the side of the building and was standing waiting.

"I got a fright and began to run quicker. I looked back, thinking maybe he was urinating and also got a fright after seeing me, but he appeared unfazed and continued standing there looking in my direction.

"I quickly got my phone out to call my boyfriend and sprinted back towards Greenock Road as fast as I could, where there were more people and traffic.

"I looked back a few times to see if he was following me. I could see him walking around Aubrey Crescent, stopping and looking around.

"When I got to the RNLI station, I looked back, but at that point I could no longer see him. Perhaps he got into a car or went a different direction.

"I called the police and they searched the area. They have also taken a statement and are doing further investigations.

"I am sharing this post as this was done in a public area, in daylight, next to a children’s play park.

"I believe he saw an opportunity and took it but I fear the outcome could have been a lot worse."

The woman said the incident happened in less than a minute and as the man had his hood up she was unable to say what he looked like.

She added: "What I do know is, he was a white male, wearing a black hoodie/jacket, green khaki trousers, average height and average build. I would say around 30/40 years of age.

"I am sorry I can’t give a more detailed description but if you saw anyone that matched that description last night around 9-9:20 about Aubrey park, please call the police on 101."

A Police Scotland spokesperson said: “Around 10.25pm on Sunday, 2 June, 2024, officers received a report of a man behaving indecently in the Aubery Crescent area of Largs.

"Enquiries are ongoing.”