A KILWINNING thug brutally stabbed a man who bravely confronted him for slashing his tyres.

Shaun Charles struck Christopher Knight three times in the stomach with a 10-inch hunting knife leaving him with horror injuries.

Despite being badly hurt and blood-soaked, Mr Knight managed to keep hold of the 26 year-old until police arrived.

A judge remarked on the "courage" of the victim as Charles appeared in the dock at the High Court in Glasgow.

He pleaded guilty to assaulting Mr Knight to his severe injury, permanent disfigurement and to the danger of his life in Greenock on October 16, 2021.

Charles, who is due to be sentenced later this month, had been spotted on his motorbike in the town that morning.

He initially had an argument with a resident having been caught smashing a window of a nearby property.

Charles then went outside another house and shouted to speak to someone he believed was inside. 

The person was not there. Prosecutor Marco Guarino said Charles then "turned his attention" to a Vauxhall Insignia car and began slashing its tyres.

He rode off before doing the same to an Audi motor.

Mr Knight was then at a property in Greenock when he spotted Charles using the blade to puncture the tyres of his Ford Focus.

Mr Guarino explained: "Mr Knight seized hold of Charles and confronted him to detain him until the police arrived.

"A struggle ensued during which Charles stabbed him with the knife three times in the abdomen.

"Despite the injuries, Mr Knight managed to restrain Charles and called police on his mobile phone.

"He was able to tell police that the knife used to stab him was lying on the road."

Officers soon appeared and found the victim still had hold of his attacker.

Mr Knight had three wounds to his stomach with his intestines partially protruding.

He was initially given first aid before being rushed to hospital.

Mr Guarino said he needed emergency surgery for injuries described as "life threatening".

Luckily, he was able to leave a fortnight later, but is scarred for life.

After being held by police, Charles made a number of comments including: "It is only an assault, so get me out quick."

Frances Connor, defending, said Charles claimed initially to be in a "panic" when he was grabbed by Mr Knight, who was described as a "large man" with a military background.

But Judge Kevin McCallum KC remarked: "Your client was armed with a knife.

"The man had the courage to confront someone who was in the process of damaging his property with that knife."

He added Charles may have been the "small man" out of the two, but he had a "very big" weapon.

Miss Connor went on to state Mr Knight was "clearly the victim" and that he had been "brave" to challenge Charles that morning.

Sentencing was deferred for reports.