South Ayrshire Council has confirmed that it is on target to finish safety works at the former Station Hotel in Ayr on Monday, June 17.

As a result of the extensive fire in September 2023, the council’s building standards team instructed urgent safety works to be carried out at the site.

These safety works have addressed the risk of collapsing chimneys, fire damaged supporting beams and crumbling walls and have led to the removal of the southern section of the building, the tower and the first three bays of the northern section.

The remaining part of the building has been assessed and although it’s in a poor condition, it’s not an immediate safety risk.

A Dangerous Building Notice has been issued, which means the owners of the remainder of the building must make it safe.

Network Rail is already looking to prevent unauthorised access, prop the newly formed gable, secure the canopies which run across the platform and the tracks and remove or repair any loose materials.

This means that when the council’s safety works finish on 17 June, ScotRail will be able to reintroduce electric services between Ayr and Glasgow and, due to the extended period of closure, work with Network Rail to complete all activities required to re-establish services south of Ayr, working towards the full return of services later in July.

 Mike Newall, Chief Executive of South Ayrshire Council said: “For over 10 years, we have been actively working to protect the public and the critical infrastructure of the railway.

“Our responsibilities have increased significantly since the devastating fire last year, but throughout we have maintained and developed strong working ties with our key stakeholders, particularly Network Rail and ScotRail.

“We issued the Dangerous Building Notice to the owners in advance of our safety works finishing and Network Rail has begun the works to satisfy the requirements of that Notice and facilitate the re-opening of the railway station.

“We continue to pursue Mr Ung for sums due in respect of the safety works, and decrees that have been awarded in the Council’s favour in both the Sheriff Court and Court of Session. Debt recovery action is being taken in both the United Kingdom and in Malaysia.”