Pupils from Largs Primary put pen to paper as they wrote about the 80th anniversary of the D-Day landings in poetry.

Teacher Cathy McGregor toldpupils about the historical significance of the major anniversary which was a crucial turning point in the Second World War for the Allied forces.

D-Day was the successful Allied invasion of the beaches of Normandy on June 6, 1944.

The Normandy landings made up the largest seaborne invasion in history and played a crucial role in liberating western Europe from Nazi occupation.

Read a selection of the D-Day poetry by the primary pupils below with photos from the day at the school.

(Image: Largs Primary)

Tears streak down my face

As we land in a certain place

The Nazis are here

But we’ve got our peers

It’s ok to show your fear

We're all here

Guns reload as you face your foes

It’s D-day

Bullets flying by my face

It’s such a scary place

Water flooding all around me

But look somebody's found me

They gave me courage, they took my fear

And now victory is here!

(Image: Largs Primary)

Remember The Day

Remember them forever,

Every soul you save,

Swords and guns,

Poppies and power,

Enter the world of freedom,

Caught in our destiny,

The D-Day shall NEVER be forgot!

Unveiling of D-Day sign on Largs esplanade in 2019Unveiling of D-Day sign on Largs esplanade in 2019 (Image: Newsquest)

Boats, guns, shells.


Pools of blood

Explosions around me

My comrades fall

Planes stall

Boats sink

Loud bangs beside me

Bullets flying

My friends dying

NEVER forget us.

(Image: Newsquest)

The day started

On beaches

Utah, Sword, Juno, Omaha, Gold

Brave soldiers

Fight for freedom

Bodies in mud

Swimming in blood





(Image: Largs Primary)

Brave soldiers

Fighting for years

Helping our country

So, we don't end in tears

Saving our souls

Crushing waves

The days

With no play

Flashes of death

Some survived

Thousands died

Bombs, guns, bodies, everywhere

We will remember them,


Millport D-Day anniversaryMillport D-Day anniversary (Image: Gordon Hugh Lundie)

Boys leaving your families, sad tears fill your eyes,

With hope in your mind that you will survive,

In the wild of blood and evil in the black at night,

It shocks all families

Sadness and madness,

The warrior of your family trying repeatedly,

Some could not any more,

Waves crashing on the beach

Faces sad, filled with hope they do not die,

Families cry to each other for their boys,

Dads, Granddads and more,

Hope in at night that they survive,

Fear in their face if they stop, they will die,

Scared if a friend dies

You think it will be hard ... it is,

I will not forget,

I will always remember.

(Image: The Fish Works)

Brave soldiers

Fight for freedom

For their country.

Some survive

Walking in pools of blood

Wishing they could get a hug.

The lonely nights

Full of fright

They fought for us

So save your thoughts for them

They saved us.

(Image: Largs Primary)

Blood and tears dripping down

Loud bombs all around

Hitler fighting for the crown

Wild attacks we don't know from where

So dark we wait in fear

Wild waves come

Lots of ships and flashes

Blood splashing everywhere

The Nazis are here

We shall never give up

We always keep going

We keep the hope

Remember the Horrors of D-day.

Haylie House Residential Care Home in LargsHaylie House Residential Care Home in Largs (Image: Charlie Gilmour)

Brave boys went over in boats

Landing on beaches in France

Bullets and bombs everywhere

Some came back

Broken legs

Broken arms,

Broken everything

Many NEVER came home.

We will remember


West Kilbride D-Day 80th anniversary serviceWest Kilbride D-Day 80th anniversary service (Image: Newsquest)

Our boys die

Families cry

As bombs drop

Nothing could be worse

Than this curse of death

And wounds

Soldier march onto ships

Everyone was asked

Are you prepared to go?

No-one said “No!”

All were brave

All had courage

Nothing could stop them

They saved our lives

And sacrificed theirs

Remember them!

(Image: Largs Primary)