The organisers of a popular skate park in Largs have spoken of their shock after the park was covered in shocking "racist and transphobic" graffiti earlier this week.

The skate park has been a great boon to the town over years, hosting major tournaments, and giving children an opportunity to show off their skills.

Organisers say the park is an inclusive space and everyone is welcome, apart from the vandals. They took time to praise the home skaters who regularly use the park and play a part in looking after its upkeep.

Police Scotland have also been informed of the incident.

In a message on their social media page to the Largs Skate Park Community yesterday evening, an organiser said: "We are extremely disappointed that kids hanging out at the park think it is appropriate to plaster the park with offensive, racist and transphobic language with sharpies and paint.

"The park came about due to the hard work of local young skaters and money from the seafront car park.

"This is not how we want our park or town to be portrayed and we now have to paint over/clean us this mess. This is not innocent wee doodles or attractive art work. The park is an inclusive space so please show some respect."

Speaking to the News, a spokesperson for the skate park said: "The council will be painting over it we've been told and the police have been notified.

"This is not our usual skaters and we are keen for this not to taint their reputation.

"As you they look after the park very well."

The skate park in Largs was opened to much acclaim in 2018 after a long-running effort and fundraising campaign which managed to secure £100,000 from the seafront car park, and is suitable for skateboarding, scooters, inline skating, BMX and trials riding.

The police are appealing for witnesses following the incident.

Largs Police Sergeant Donald Fisher said: "It would appear that the skatepark received some graffiti which in its nature was offensive and would fall under the terms of being a hate crime. 

"It has been reported to the council and their Streetscene department.

"There is no CCTV I am aware of which covers the skate park and enquiry remains open at this time. 

"The facility is well kept by those who look after it and to have it defaced in such a manner spoils the enjoyment of it for them and others. 

"The nature of the vandalism says more to me about the person responsible than the message they were trying to leave."

If you can help the police, go to the Contact Us section on their website, or phone 101.