A TEENAGE chef lashed out at a man after hearing that his victim had kissed his pal’s girlfriend in Prestwick.

Ciaran McLaughlin pleaded guilty to punching his victim in the face and breaking his jaw during the incident outside a pub in Main Street earlier this year.

Ayr Sheriff Court heard it was the lout’s first offence – and though the 18-year-old was spared jail, he’ll have to pay a hefty fine for the assault

The court heard McLaughlin carried out the attack after being told the victim had kissed his friend’s partner and “laughingly confessed”.

The procurator fiscal depute said: “At 10.30pm the accused bumped into a female who had a conversation about a different female.

"He [the complainer] went outside and and was met by Mr McLaughlin and one other. He asked if he had been with 'Rachael', at this point.

“Mr McLaughlin punched him to the face. He stumbled back and the accused immediately ran off.

“He [the complainer] was taken back into the public house and given ice for his face.

"He returned home with no obvious injury. He woke up the next morning and couldn't move his jaw properly and attended Ayr Hospital.

“He was X-rayed and a fracture was seen, so he was discharged to Crosshouse Hospital as his jaw was broken.

"On April 14 Mr McLaughlin was traced by police and taken to Kilmarnock police office. He was interviewed and declined to provide comment.”

The court was told no surgery was required after the incident as the victim’s muscle held the bone together. 

Defence solicitor Quentin Muir said: "He is 18 years old, single, and in full time employment as a chef.

“He would be in a position to pay a monetary penalty.

"He had been out drinking with a friend and it was reported his best friend's girlfriend had kissed another man. Mr McLaughlin was not happy.

"[The complainer] came out, though it’s not clear if he was ready for a confrontation.

"He challenged [the complainer] on this, who laughingly confessed it was him and made a comment. He punched him once.

“It was a self contained incident. He pleaded guilty at the first opportunity and has shown remorse.

“He has no formal boxing training but struck the complainer once. He apologises and is fearful of prison.”

Sheriff Maria Kicinski told McLaughlin: "I have listened carefully to the facts and what has been said on your behalf.

“I take account of the fact that it is your first offence and that you are still relatively young.

"I am prepared to impose a financial penalty, but it will be a significant one.”

He was fined £840 in total, reduced from £1,000 because of his guilty plea.

However, the sheriff made no order for McLaughlin to pay any compensation to his victim.