A popular Largs business is celebrating its 18th birthday in the town. 

Bus Stop Toy Shop on Irvine Road opened back in 2006, and tens of thousands of customers have passed through its doors since then. 

People flock from all over Scotland to the store, which is one of the few authentic toy shops left in the country. 

Owner Duncan Conner keeps the shop busy with gaming nights involving a variety of titles and genres. 

He said: "BSTS was born on 1st July 2006, meaning we enter adulthood today. Meanwhile, I don’t often blow my own trumpet (I hate doing it) but today is different.

"I’ve been running a hobby gaming store in Scotland for far longer than anyone else ever has. There’s not many people in the world been doing this as long as me.

"The way hobby events happen in stores all across the UK today? True story - I invented a chunk of it. I am your father.

"It’s one of the toughest industries there is to survive in and it gets harder every year. Somehow I’m still here standing

"Thanks for being a part of this crazy journey. It all only works when YOU choose to walk through the door."