A metal detectorist is searching for answers after finding a suspected 'cannon' on a Largs beach.

Bill Henry was searching near The Pencil monument when he uncovered the large object on Tuesday, July 9.

He believes that it could be a cannon from El Espíritu Santo, a Spanish Armada ship which sank off Portencross in 1588. 

Bill said: "I had dug half of it up as it was right under the sand by only a few inches. You could tell straight away it's very old. 

(Image: Bill Henry)

"I have contacted the National Trust for Scotland and dug it back over, so that it is hidden for now. 

"The old Spanish ship was supposed to have run aground in a storm after it was overloaded with cannons and other items, so it makes sense."

The News reported the story of El Espiritu Santo back in October 2015, when we covered the release of a new book by West Kilbride historian and author Stephen Brown on the link between the Spanish Armada and the North Ayrshire coast.

Stephen's book was the first to name the ship since its sinking in 1588

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