A yellow weather alert has been issued across Ayrshire for Sunday by the Met Office. 

The warning is in place from 1pm until midnight, with heavy and persistant rain expected across the afternoon and evening.

This could lead to some flooded roads and a small chance of property flooding, with disruption on public transport too.

The Met Office said: "Rain arriving later Saturday will temporarily ease but redevelop during Sunday afternoon into the evening, heaviest and most persistent over a number of higher ground areas of Scotland.

"By the time the rain overnight into Monday, turning more showery from the west, many places are expected to have received 30-50mm of rain, whilst some places, most likely south-west facing hills, could see 80-120mm over the course of 24-36 hours.

"It will also become increasingly windy through Sunday, with gusts of 50-60mph on coasts and over high ground.

"This could exacerbate flooding with leaves being blown from trees to potentially block drains and gullies."