What if we told you that the strange barks coming from the neighbour's dog were actually from one of dozens of dangerous wild animals legally owned in the UK?

Around 187 private addresses across over 100 local authorities hold licences to keep dangerous and exotic animals.

Discussing the list of wild animals being kept in the UK legally, charity Born Free said: "A total of 187 private addresses across 126 local authorities hold licences to keep dangerous wild animals such as lions, tigers, crocodilians and venomous reptiles!"

The research was gathered from Local authorities and features the maximum number of dangerous animals allowed on the licence, the minimum number, or the number in possession at the time of the data request. 

See the 31 dangerous wild animals being kept privately in Ayrshire

In East Ayrshire, 31 wild boars are currently in the possession of a private owner, based on research by Born Free

According to Forest Wildlife, wild boars "have a reputation for being dangerous" with the animals presenting "many threats to humans".

According to the British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC), the boars should not be "unduly disturbed" and "any sow with piglets should be given a wide berth."

The organisation added that when they are "injured or wounded, a wild boar can be very unpredictable."

Other parts of Scotland are also home to dangerous wild animals with Fife hosting one Savannah Cat and other areas like Clackmannanshire being home to two American alligators, a Gila Monster and various caiman.

Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire also have a diamondback rattlesnake as well as three bison and 12 ostriches.

If you want to see the full map of local authorities that are home to dangerous wild animals in the UK, visit the Born Free website where the whole list can be found.