Everyone loves a pizza, and Ayrshire has hundreds of fantastic restaurants and bars where you can grab a slice of Italian cuisine.

But just what are the top-rated pizza places in the region, according to members of the public?

Here we look at the top five pizza spots based on reviews posted on Tripadvisor...

1. Cafe Da Vinci, Kilmarnock

Coming in at top spot on the list is Cafe Da Vinci in Kilmarnock's Strand Street. 

The Italian is known across Ayrshire for its authentic meals, but reviews say that the pizza stands out above the rest. 

The restaurant offers vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options to cater to every customer too.

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2. Tony Macaroni, Kilmarnock & Largs

The only chain restaurant on the list, Tony Macaroni has restaurants in both Kilmarnock and Largs. 

The business is well-known for its wide range of pizzas, with bases and toppings to suit any taste. 

Reviewers noted the value for money, as well as the service and the taste of the pizzas. 

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3. The Greenside Restaurant, Maybole

This classy restaurant offers wood-fired pizzas that are a sure hit with customers that walk through the door. 

The eatery has more than 125 'excellent' reviews on Tripadvisor, making it a firm Ayrshire favourite with pizza lovers. 

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4. Allegria Italian Eatery, Largs

This elegant eatery opened on Gallowgate Street in Largs just a few years ago, but has already earned a first-class reputation. 

The restaurant's wood-fired pizzas are a big talking point, alongside its popular and tasty lunch menus. 

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5. Dough Pizza, Troon

Dough offers a wide variety of meat, vegetarian and chicken options on its pizza menu to suit all tastes. 

Situated in the heart of Troon, the easily-accessible eatery has built a strong reputation for its pizzas and rounds out the top five list. 

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Is your favourite not on the list? Let us know where you think is the best pizza spot in Ayrshire...