McDonald's is one of the most popular fast food options around with thousands of people across Ayrshire choosing to eat here every year.

While it is beloved for its price and convenience, many of the local restaurants have received poor ratings from customers.

If you're wondering where your local chain ranks from best to worst rated, look no further.

The best and worst-rated McDonald's you can visit across Ayrshire

Ayrshire Today: McDonald's at Bellfield Interchange Services in Kilmarnock was rated the best in Ayrshire.McDonald's at Bellfield Interchange Services in Kilmarnock was rated the best in Ayrshire. (Image: PA)

Here are the best and worst-rated McDonald's on Tripadvisor you can visit across Ayrshire.

McDonald's - Bellfield Interchange Services (Kilmarnock)

Rating: 3.5/5 out of 12 reviews

One Reviewer said: "Can always rely on this particular McDonald's to have quick friendly service and to be spotlessly clean."

McDonald's - Armour Street (Kilmarnock)

Rating: 3/5 out of 35 reviews

One Reviewer said: "There are few surprises with McDonalds, it comes down to the store and service. Both fine here but nothing out of the ordinary. The food is reasonable and I might even come more often if everything wasn't a Mc "whatever."

McDonald's - Ayr Racecourse

Rating: 2.5/5 out of 50 reviews

One Reviewer said: "Soggy burger bun, food warm at best, chips decidedly chilly even though I was at the counter when the food came out. First visit since pandemic. Won’t be back."

Ayrshire Today: McDonald's in Irvine was ranked the worst on Tripadvisor.McDonald's in Irvine was ranked the worst on Tripadvisor. (Image: PA)

McDonald's - Kilwinning Road (Stevenston)

Rating: 2/5 out of 78 reviews

One Reviewer said: "Double cheeseburger looked like it had been slapped together with no care. The burger meat was half hanging out the bun and so was the cheese. Also, it was cold. I have visited this place before and they never have food ready."

McDonald's - Riverway Retail Park (Irvine)

Rating: 2/5 out of 66 reviews

One Reviewer said: "This is the worst McDonald's I’ve ever came across, I’m sick tae the back teeth of ordering on the app and picking it up tae get up the road to find something missing, and drive-through is just as bad."