A FREE 'Fit to Ride' motorcycle event is coming to Ayrshire later this month. 

The event is a joint initiative between the Ayrshire Roads Alliance, which looks after the non-trunk road network in East and South Ayrshire, and their colleagues at North Ayrshire Council, and is aimed at experienced motorcycle riders looking to hone their skills.

Bikers can head to St Joseph's Academy in Kilmarnock on Sunday, April 14 for observed rides and presentations by expert instructors.

The event is run in partnership with Police Scotland, IAM Road Smart and RoSPA.

There are two sessions - one from 9.30am until 1pm, and one from 1.30-5pm.

You will be required to show your licence, insurance certificate and MOT certificate (if required) and to sign a disclaimer during registration, which runs from 9.30-10am for the morning session and from 1.30-2pm for the afternoon one.Book a place at https://orlo.uk/P31Bs.