Want to know how good your vision is? Then look no further as this eyesight test is perfect. 

Helping mark the Euros, which are well underway, Live Football Tickets has created an impossible football-themed test. 

A task for even the most eagle-eyed individuals, you only have 60 seconds to find all of the hidden items. 

Among the busy town scene, filled with shops, people, and London-themed scenery, are six hidden footballs. 

To test your eyesight and brain skills, you need to find all six hidden footballs in just 60 seconds. 

Take a look at the brainteaser below created by Live Football Tickets and see if you can find all six of the hidden footballs. Good luck!

Can you find all six hidden footballs?

Can you find the footballs?Can you find the footballs? (Image: livefootballtickets)




Didn't manage to spot all six footballs? Take a look at the answers below and see what you missed.

See the answers.See the answers. (Image: livefootballtickets)


The six footballs were hidden in the following spots:

  • Behind the bunting on the right side
  • Near a child on the bottom right side
  • Behind a purple plant pot in between the fast food and flower shop
  • In the tree next to the bakery 
  • Behind a bush in the bottom left side
  • In the tree behind the bakery on the left side


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If you are concerned about your eye health and eyesight, you should contact your local opticians or the NHS for medical advice.

You could be entitled to free NHS-funded eye tests if you meet requirements which you can check via the NHS website.

Let us know if you found all six footballs in the comments below.