A chamber lid issue in Cumnock has been temporarily resolved, meaning there is no danger to the public.

Images shared with the Chronicle earlier this week showed that the cover had been completely dislodged close to steps between Cumnock bus station and The Square, leaving a hole of around four feet deep.

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Ayrshire Roads Alliance (ARA), which works on behalf of East Ayrshire Council, said that a temporary fix had been carried out on the issue, with it being reported to Openreach, which is responsible for this site.

Openreach said it is grateful to the local authority for raising the issue, and that further tests and repairs are likely to be carried out at the site.

(Image: Submitted)

An Openreach spokesperson said: “We’re grateful to East Ayrshire Council for flagging this damage and making it safe pending permanent repairs.

"We haven’t had any previous reports of concerns about this box through the usual legislative process.

"We’ll arrange for further work to be done by our contractors as soon as possible.”